Smells That Repel Skunks

Skunks can easily be identified by the unique black and white striping and that characteristic foul and pungent odor they expel when terrified. even though a skunk's spray is mostly known for its foul smell but it also creates immense discomfort if got into a person or animal's eyes. 

Why does a Skunk spray smell so awful? well, that's mainly because of the nature of chemicals it contains including sulfur, (for example, thiols), which are known because of their nauseating odor, which resembles the smell of rotten eggs. This spray is discharged from a skunk's anus and is infamous for its disturbing odor. 

But everything apart, they are cute to look at. These cute animals are usually mild and don't just start spraying without any reason. They are beneficial for the environment in many ways. 

In cases where eviction is the only option, a couple of general provocation and deterrence methods can help evacuate skunks while avoid getting sprayed.

What smells repel skunks?

Skunks like the majority of other rodents have a sharp sense of smell which makes them despise certain odors to an extent that they are forced to leave the place. Citrus, ammonia, mothballs and predator pee (Dogs, coyote, etc) are some of the smells that can drive away skunks.  you use mothballs or ammonia-soaked cotton ball to deter skunks. 

1. Citrus 

Citrus smell is commonly believed to be an effective repellent for creatures like skunks. So place some orange or lemon peels in all the skunk-occupied places in your garden. Skunks hate the smell of citrus. Spreading citrus peels here and there in your yard and also along the periphery of your vegetable garden will help keep skunks from entering your property. Orange or lemon peels when dried up can lose their fragrance; So it's important to disperse new citrus peels each time the peels evaporate. 

2. Ammonia 

Of all the other repellents and deterrents commonly in use, the most well-known are mothballs and ammonia. They are accepted to deter skunks due to their solid smell and stinging vapor. Set these white balls near a skunks alcove or place them on skunk holes. 

3. Mothballs 

You can not use mothballs as a repellent to deter skunks because it is illegal to use mothballs in certain regions of the world. so make sure you are not violating the law before using mothballs. Mothballs cannot promise complete evacuation of skunks, however you might not have to see them for quite a while

4. Predator pee 

The concept behind using Predator Urine is that a predator marks its territory wit pee which is like a warning to the prey to not enter its territory. So it is also an effective technique in practice worldwide. Buy it from any nearby shop or online and sprinkle it on skunk holes and alongside the boundary of your garden to scare them off. 

5. Peppermint oil 

A repellent like peppermint oil disturbs their sense of smell and deters them from settling in. You can sprinkle the peppermint oil around the vegetable garden .it will demoralize skunks and other rodents and little animals and force them to leave. 

6. Cinnamon 

Another odor that skunks can't stand is cinnamon so you can use it in making a characteristic skunk deterrent. Blend Cayenne (red pepper), Cajun Seasoning, Cinnamon, and some other hot flavors you may have around the house. Make around 1/4 of a plastic sandwich pack filled with the mixture and empty it near all the skunk holes in its absence and wait for the magic to work!

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