Snake Extermination

Snakes may occasionally enter houses either by accident or in search of mice or shelter. Entrance of snakes into houses can be eliminated by sealing a l l openings around the foundation. In some instances this may be costly and difficult, but it may be the only way. Cellar doors, windows, and screens must f i t tightly. W a l l s and floors should be searched for crevices, since snakes can pass through extremely small openings. Fireplaces and chimneys should be inspected for openings, and spaces around pipes going through the outside w a l l should be plugged. Galvanized screen of l/4-inch mesh or smaller should be fastened over drains and ventilators leading to the outside.

However if they still succeed to sneak in, you can get rid of them by choosing any of the snake extermination methods. 

Snake traps

Snake Traps Snake traps are the easiest way to kill a snake. Some of the traps which end up always being the more effective ones go for the head. They trap and snap the head of the snake instantly so it is a humane way of doing it if they work correctly.

Lethal Traps

There are a variety of different traps that you can use to kill snakes, and while there are some traps that are designed to kill the snakes, you can also use a live catch trap and then kill the snake yourself. Some traps are designed to grip and crush around the body of the snake, but these are really ones that you should look to avoid, as they will not always be effective in killing the snake, and if you do find a snake injured in the trap, it is likely to try and bite any person or animal that comes near. With a live catch trap, you can then use options such as submerging the trap to drown the snake, or killing it while it is held in place by a glue trap.

Poisonous water

if conditions are such that there are l i m i t e d locations for a v a i l a b l e drinking water, this method can be successful. A mixture of one part 40% nicotine sulphate (sold commonly as a tradenamed insecticide) to about 250 parts water is used . 

Strychnine in Eggs

There are some snakes that feed upon eggs and may form the habit of entering poultry houses and barns in search of eggs or young birds. These snakes may sometimes be controlled by the use of poisoned eggs. These eggs are prepared by making a small hole in the shell of a fresh egg and pl a ci n g in si d e two or three medium-size crystals of strychnine. A piece of paper is then pasted over the hole and allowed to dry. Poisoned eggs should be clea rl y marked, and not used i n d i s c r i m i n a t e l y , as they are a hazard to house pets and farm animals. The eggs, if not taken in a few days, should be retrieved and destroyed, as they soon become unattractive as bait.

Fumigation of Burrows. 

Poison gas can be used on snakes that take refuge in rodent burrows. W i t h a long-handled spoon, two ounces of calcium cyanide should be placed as far down the burrow as possible. The opening should then be sealed w i t h a stone or piece of sod so that when soil is added it w i l l not cover the chemical. The moisture in the tunnel combines w i t h the cyanide to liberate hydrocyanic acid gas. Under ordinary conditions, a snake w i l l be k i l l e d w i t h i n 30 minutes.

Gassing of Dens. 

Gassing of dens in which groups of snakes are hibernating or taking shelter is another method of controlling snakes, but it is d i f f i c u l t and often not too successful. The reason for a lack of success may be due to several factors, one of them being that snakes have a low rate of metabolism, especially when hibernating. This characteristic renders them unusually resistant to the effects of poison gas . Gassing should therefore be done in the f a l l soon after snakes enter the dens or in the spring shortly before they leave them. It is also necessary to maintain an adequate amount of the gas in the den for a considerable period of time in order to k i l l the snakes.

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